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Press Release

Post-Acute Care Entrepreneurs Launch Acute2020TM, Inc. in Response to Transforming Post-Acute Care Industry

WILMINGTON, NC, August 29, 2016 – A growing elderly population, earlier hospital discharge, value-based purchasing, and bundled payment models have the post-acute care system in serious transition. Post-Acute Care (PAC) providers, referring hospitals, and Managed Care and Accountable Care partners are scrambling to identify the level of care they can deliver and still be profitable. To meet these new challenges, PAC providers, referring hospitals and payer partners can now turn to Acute2020™, an innovative health care solutions company launched by a team of seasoned post-acute care and technology entrepreneurs.

Increased care requirements with slim profit margins make it critical for hospitals and PACs alike to clearly understand acute care capabilities to best serve patients, minimize the risk of hospital readmission, and maintain profitability in the ever-evolving payment dynamics of value-based purchasing and bundled payments.

Nobody is better suited to help providers address and overcome these challenges than the team who has launched Acute2020™.  Led by co-founders Frank Amoruso and Jim Rockenbach, each entrepreneur averages nearly 28 years of experience serving health care with leadership, technology, and business strategy.

“High quality of care with low readmission rates while holding down costs is the goal,” said Amoruso. “Instead of heads in beds or number of procedures performed, Medicare reimbursements will increasingly be based on quality of care. The challenge is matching patient care requirements with the skilled nursing facilities best suited to provide them at the lowest risk of readmission and cost. That’s the problem we’re solving.”

Acute2020™ offers solutions and cloud-based software that addresses three primary operational areas:

  • Acuity Level - AcuityRater™ identifies, validates, and verifies acute care capabilities PACs can provide profitably, and continues to monitor changes in those capabilities.
  • Cost at the Point of Care - CPC2020™ helps coordinate care and assesses the cost at the point of care per patient, both at pre-admission and upon any change of condition.
  • Spend Optimization - SpendOpt2020™ verifies and integrates the care provided, improves control of supplies and equipment, captures additional revenue, provides accurate billing, and most importantly, utilizes the Acute2020™ consignment procurement program.

For more information on Acute2020™ visit www.Acute2020.com, call 800-935-0532, or email info@acute2020.com.