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Press Release

Acute2020™ Inc. Offers Free Self-Assessment Tool To Post-Acute Care Providers

Providers Self-Assess Acute Care Capabilities To Address Risk Areas

WILMINGTON, NC, December 20, 2016 – Acute2020™ Inc. has launched a new, cloud-based tool for post-acute care (PAC) providers to assess their facilities’ capabilities in caring for patients. With this free tool, any skilled nursing home facility or home health provider can identify the level of acute care for which they are best suited to provide.

“Mitigating the risk of readmission and optimizing performance begins with knowledge of your current abilities and identification of your weaknesses,” said James Rockenbach, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Acute2020™ Inc. “The AcuityRater™ Self-Assessment Tool captures data in an online survey, processes that data through the AcuityRater™ algorithms, and creates a report that includes an AcuityRating™, scoring comparison graphs and notations on areas in need of attention.”

A growing elderly population and earlier hospital discharges have increased the level of acute care required from PAC facilities. With Medicare reimbursements increasingly based on quality of care instead of volume, matching patient care requirements with the facilities best suited to provide them at the lowest cost has become critical.

The AcuityRater™ Self-Assessment Tool provides valuable information to facility or agency management and ownership, as well as to payers who utilize the providers within their network. With years of healthcare experience, the AcuityRater™ team created an intricate set of algorithms that evaluate the relationships of each element in the Self-Assessment Tool to arrive at an acuity score.

“It’s no secret that post-acute care providers and the payers that utilize their services struggle to find a dependable manner of mitigating risk of readmission and improving care,” Rockenbach added. “I am excited to see the impact we can have on patients and quality of care, once we start truly understanding our capabilities.  There is no downside to having knowledge.”

To access the free AcuityRater™ Self-Assessment Tool, any owner. manager or provider network manager need only send a request to AcuityRater@Acute2020.com.

Acute2020™ Inc.

Acute2020™ Inc., launched by a team of seasoned post-acute care professionals and technology entrepreneurs, is dedicated to helping payers, hospitals, and PAC providers clearly understand acute care capabilities, minimize the risk of hospital readmissions, and maintain profitability in the ever-evolving delivery of healthcare. For more information, please visit www.Acute2020.com. To access the Self-Assessment Tool, please email AcuityRater@Acute2020.com or call 800-935-0532.