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Acute2020™ offers innovative business solutions that enable post-acute care providers, as well as their referring and payer partners, to increase performance, control cost, and mitigate risk.  Our solutions capture patient and facility data and return actionable information on patient cost at the point of care, facility acute care capability, and spend optimization.  With Acute2020™ intelligence, PAC providers operate at their optimum level, understanding their care capabilities while maximizing performance and mitigating the risk of their referral and payer partners.

Increase Performance

Increase Performance

Manage Rist

Manage Risk

Control Cost

Control Cost

Cloud-based solutions to optimize operations and maximize performance


AcuityRater™ Software

Determine the ability of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Home Health Service Operations to provide acute care.

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CPC2020™ Software

Understand and assess costs at the point of care from the patient level, preadmission through discharge.

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SpendOpt2020™ Software

Track the use of all supplies and equipment to a specific patient at the point of care utilizing electronic tagging.

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Our Team

Frank J. Amoruso, Chief Executive Officer

Frank J. Amoruso

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience providing technology solutions.  Frank’s passion is building strong companies that drive innovation, while creating a challenging and rewarding work environment, with balance of work and personal life as it’s foundation.

James D. Rockenbach, Chief Commercial Officer

James D. Rockenbach

Chief Commercial Officer

Strategic leader with nearly thirty years of experience formulating winning strategies to maximize company success.  Jim possesses unique experience in building strategic relationships and partnerships in Health Care (Acute and Post-Acute Care), Pharmacy, and Software operations.

Denise Helms, RN, Chief of Clinical Operations

Denise Helms, RN

Chief of Clinical Operations

Clinical operations expert with over twenty-five years of experience as a Registered Nurse.  Denise has practical nursing and operational experience in a variety of settings.  Her forward thinking and entrepreneurial experiences in the post-acute care arena have resulted in innovations and programs that benefit the provider and the patient.

Joseph J. Porfeli, Chief Strategist

Joseph J. Porfeli

Chief Strategist

Seasoned entrepreneur, company executive and investor, with over 30 years’ experience in defining winning operational and corporate strategies.  Joe has held multiple positions of director, Chairman, Chief Executive and professional investor, making him uniquely qualified to guide Acute2020’s strategic path.

Understand SNF Capabilities

Use AcuityRater™ software to assess, track, and validate information in three primary categories and eleven subcategories.  The software applies proprietary intelligence and algorithms to process that information and determine an AcuityRating™ for every SNF.  An AcuityRating™ represents the ability of the SNF to treat patients at the acute level of care they need.

AcuityRater™ Software
CPC2020™ Software

Assess Revenue vs. Cost

Assess revenue versus cost per patient at any point from pre-admission through change of condition.  CPC2020™ is core to facility operation, continuously assessing the profitability of caring for a patient, coordinating care with referring partners, and enabling management changes to address patients that fall below the required profit margin.

Track supplies at the POC

Track the use of all supplies and equipment to a specific patient at the point of care.  Using electronic tagging, SpendOpt2020™ verifies and integrates the care provided, accurate billing, improved control of supplies, and, most importantly, the utilization of the consignment procurement process Acute2020™ delivers to its clients.

SpendOpt2020™  Software
40.2 million

The population of individuals age 65+

54.8 million

The projected population of individuals age 65+ in 2020

22.5 million

The projected population of individuals age 75+ in 2020


Of Medicare patients were discharged to PAC facilities in 2012

AcuityRater™ Software
CPC2020™ Software

Understand costs at the point of care, preadmission through discharge.

  • Track negotiated reimbursement agreements from Medicare, Medicaid, MCOs, and ACOs
  • Track supplies, equipment, medications, and frequency of care required 
  • Automatically calculate likely reimbursements and the cost of providing care for each patient
  • Determine the profit or loss on any patient at preadmission and at any change in condition
  • Automatically generate detailed, case-specific profit or loss reports
SpendOpt2020™ Software

Transforming the procurement/inventory management system.

  • Utilziation of electronic tagging
  • Track use of all supplies and equipment to a specific patient at the point of care
  • Enables verification of the integration of the care provided, accurate billing, and improved control of supplies to control cost
  • Integrate with supply and equipment providers for order consignment management inventory processing
AcuityRater™ Software


We are here to answer any questions you may have about our Acute2020™ solutions.  Reach out to us and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

P.O. Box 354
Wilmington, NC 28402

E: info@acute2020.com
P: (800) 935-0532

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